To complete our primary plant maintenance offerings in a substation HV Yard, we have assembled a small but experienced team of switchgear and circuit breaker maintenance personnel.
We service and test the following range of products on-site:
  • Oil circuit breakers
  • Vacuum circuit breaker
  • SF6 breakers
  • Isolators
  • Links
We perform periodic servicing and major overhauling of circuit breakers including SF6 breaker equipment for our clients. We also provide back-up services 24/7 throughout the country.


For circuit breaker maintenance conducted by an experienced team Contact Us

All electrical systems need to be maintained and installed professionally in order to ensure efficiency and long life. Even if an electrical system or circuit breaker is designed and installed properly if they are not maintained regularly they could get damaged or stop working. If the circuit breaker ceases to work due to lack of maintenance it can be detrimental for business and the safety of workers.