Substation Name: Skilpad
Scope of Work: Offload and fully assemble 20MVA transformer



Project name: Botswana Power Corporation
Scope of work: Offload, fully assemble and cold commission 20MVA transformer
Location: Botswana

Sandown project: The final megger after oil filling

Clocolan project: Offloaded and assemble transformer. Top-up transfomer with oil and bleed the whole transfomer including a conservator bag.

Torgue transformer, wash it and touch-up with paint. Take oil sample and magger readings before offloading.
Azalea Substation: Offload and install a 20MVA transformer
Abattoir Substation: Offload and install a 40MVA transformer
Rosherville Stores: Offload and partially assemble a 40MVA transformer
Mersey Transmission Station: Offload, Install and Oil fill 250MVA transformer
Gatyana Substation: Offload and install 2 x 20MVA transformers
Tweekoppies Stores: Offload and Partially assemble 2 x 20MVA transformers