Rotek Engineering

Project Name: Bethlehem 
Scope of Work: Full regasket of 10 MVA transformer


Project Name: Ankerlidge Power Station
Scope of Work: Corrosion treatment on 186 MVA transformer


Project Name: Welkom Stores
Scope of Work: Offload and assemble 2 X 5MVA transformers


Project Name: CMI Lydenburg
Scope of Work: Removal of faulty 80MVA transformer and replace with an 80MVA, fully assemble and commission


Mercury Substation: Oil Purification on a 500MVA transformer
Merapi Substation: Oil Purification on a 180MVA transformer
Anglo Erfdeel: Oil leak repairs on 2 transformers and tap changer servicing
Clayglass Substation: Removal of 20MVA
Kimberly Stores: Oil leak repairs on 10MVA and 5MVA transformers