We all understand the need to conserve both energy and resources in order to remain competitive. Can your business really afford to not accurately measure and test your electricity consumption? Zera offers proven, reliable meter test product that can withstand the rigours of any environment. Over 10 years of experience in meter testing means you can rely on the experts to keep an eye on what matters most.

On-site meter testing has become important for electric utilities around the world. This ensures improved revenue, regulatory compliance and improves client satisfaction, but most importantly it ensures the correct recording of energy consumption. The need for improved accuracy of meter test equipment and technological advances has led to new meter test designs, functionalities and features in the latest series of portable meter testing equipment. Today, meter test equipment improves accuracy of electrical consumption tests and has advanced value added features.


  • Instantaneous parameter display: helps the tester to easily & quickly diagnose on-site conditions to identify the correctness of connection of the meter and instrument transformer. The combination of instantaneous parameter and vectorial display has become a useful tool to identify cases of energy theft
  • Harmonic analysis: Harmonic causes excess losses, over heating of transformers, cables and other electrical products, which leads to additional recording error and frequent damage to transformers. This feature provides detailed harmonic analysis including the amplitude of individual harmonics and phase angle with respect to fundamental. The high end equipment is capable to measure and display the harmonics power (active, reactive and apparent power) and direction of the harmonic, which helps to identify that particular harmonic, present in the network or generated by the consumer.
  • Burden measurement: The accuracy of instrument transformers is dependent on the burden connected to its secondary side. In most cases the meter installation teams do not pay attention to the length of secondary cables or to the total burden of connected instruments at the CT/ VT. Through this feature, the secondary burden of instrument transformer can be measured and ensures that it is with in the given range of instrument transformer.
  • Accuracy testing of instrument transformers. Including the ratio and phase angle error of the instrument transformer
  • Instrument transformer testing
  • Checking of the instrument transformer’s ratio
  • Accuracy testing of various pulse output of complex and modern meters
  • Accuracy testing of transducer