Our on-site technicians are well equipped to undertake minor or routine electrical transformer maintenance services and power plant transformer maintenance or transformer oil leak repairs. Our service offerings extend to most types of transformers including power (distribution, transmission and generation), traction and furnace transformers.
Routine on-site power transformer maintenance include:
  • Repair of minor oil leaks
  • Servicing of various types of tapchanger
  • Topping up oil
  • Sourcing and replacement of faulty transformer parts, and
  • Plant condition assessment and monitoringWhere major electrical transformer maintenance is required, we are there to provide comprehensive repairs that include:
  • Removal and storage of oil on site
  • Complete replacement of gaskets and other seals
  • Evacuation of transformer prior to oil filling and oil filtration
  • Fault investigations and oil sample analysis

Our electrical transformer maintenance extends to auxiliary plants such as CT’s and VT’s. If it is possible to undertake repairs of instrument transformers on-site, rest assured that SPM will carry the work out competently.

Prior to any electrical transformer maintenance that is carried out, we conduct a transformer test program. The results of the power plant and electrical transformer maintenance test report is compiled and submitted to our client. The test report presents data about power transformer maintenance and any other power plant maintenance required. Our ideas are highlighted and electrical transformer maintenance recommendations are presented. Proper installation and power transformer maintenance is critical for ensuring the extended life of power plants.