Our large vacuum and transformer oil purification plants are designed to process the largest generation plants and transmission transformers in the South African electricity grid.

With our vacuum plants we can perform on-site large transformer insulation dry-outs. By doing this we are able to cut out the unnecessary cost of removing a transformer and transporting it to a repair facility when it is not actually damaged. This helps our clients to drastically reduce plant down time from transformer oil purification treatment.

Our high performance transformer oil purification plants are capable, through a single pass, to:

  • Improve dielectric strength up to 70 kV with new oil
  • Remove water from 50 PPM down to SANS specification
  • Remove gases from full saturation with air (10 to 12%) down to less than 1 % by volume
  • Remove 98% of particles over 0.5 micrometer or over 1 and 5 micrometer at customer preference

We have consistently delivered excellent transformer oil purification and transformer oil treatment without fail. Our skilled personnel and modern transformer oil purification plants deliver transformer oil regeneration results that surpass even the stringent Eskom 32-406 specification for transmission and generation transformer oil.

Our oil filtration success is based on our high performance transformer oil purification equipment. However, intensive training of our personnel ensures they are up-to-date with the latest transformer oil regeneration and transformer oil treatment trends and developments.